The probable deployment area of ​​the Russian underwater ICBM "Skif" has been named - no country in the world has such a weapon

Experts have identified the likely deployment area for Russian submarine ICBMs.

Russian submarine intercontinental ballistic missiles can be deployed by the Russian military in the Arctic. Such conclusions were made by specialists after some information appeared that these unique systems began to be tested for their real applicability against the enemy. The proposed area for the deployment of the unique complex "Skif" was also named - it is located in the northwestern part of Russia, in the Barents Sea.

To date, no country in the world has ICBMs, however, the uniqueness of these weapons lies primarily in the fact that today it is impossible to determine the real location of missiles either from space satellites or by means of sea reconnaissance.

“The areas where Russia's nuclear weapons are based can be tracked fairly accurately from a satellite, however. "Skif" is devoid of this drawback. Even if, for some reason, the location of the Russian underwater ICBMs becomes known, it will be impossible to destroy it with a preemptive strike - at a depth of several hundred meters, being in protected launch silos, they are simply inaccessible to the enemy ", - the analyst notes.

As for the confidence that the area of ​​deployment of the Russian complex "Skif", experts believe that there are many reasons.

“This area is seismically calm and is under constant control of the Russian military, which makes it impossible to detect it by special ships and submarines. Moreover, from this region Russia can strike in almost all directions, including the United States and Europe. It is impossible to define it exactly, but most likely, we are talking about relatively shallow depths, which to the greatest extent allows us to assert that the Russian "Skif" is deployed at the bottom of the Barents Sea ", - said a specialist

It should be clarified that information about the deployment of the Russian Skif appeared several times, but was not officially confirmed so.