Rescue operation of Tu-154


Named one more version of the crash of Tu-154

Russian expert called the new version of the crash of Tu-154.

As part of the investigation, the domestic expert Yuri Dotsenko noted the fact that over the past few years, air crashes occurred according to almost the same scenario, in particular, in most cases this was due to the take-off and climb above unevenly heated surfaces, in particular, imply land and water. It is likely that this fact could actually contribute to the crash that occurred, which is likely to give impetus to initiate an additional investigation.

It is necessary to clarify the fact that today the specialists there are seven basic versions of the crash occurred.

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I noticed a screwdriver as shown on TV, including aircraft wreckage, which got to the bottom. If she (screwdriver) is located between the wing and the flap, it could interfere with the flap removed. I'm not the pilot, but the consequences are obvious, especially on takeoff. Question - how it got there: between the wing and the flap - accidentally or intentionally. Sorry, but this is my version of the causes of the tragedy.

The concept is known: "Bullet with displaced center of gravity". Such a bullet, meeting on the way even the smallest obstacle, for example, a leaf of a tree, drastically changes its flight trajectory. Tu-154 has three engines in the tail part far from the center of gravity of the aircraft. It looks like a cart harnessed in front of a horse, as well as a bullet with a shifted center of gravity. In addition, there is a lifting angle of the Tu-154 aircraft, in which its wings are closed from the airflow of the plane of the stabilizers. In this case, a "board" without tail emanation flies across the sky. If to all this add a possible overload of the aircraft due to unnecessary gifts, not a uniform arrangement of the cargo in the cabin (with displacement), outdated navigation devices, through which it is difficult to see the horizon, the morning tiredness (relaxation) of the crew, finally some minor failure of technique , Then all this could bring to the tragedy. The Tu-154 (Tu-134) is Tupolev's bold decision, but not suitable for civil aircraft. No one designs such aircraft and does not do it for a long time.

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