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Named the C-400 feature that no one suspected

In the C-400 "Triumph" has a unique feature, which almost no one knew.

Despite the fact that the Triumph C-400 Russian anti-aircraft missile system is the most advanced air defense system in the world, and has the ability to hit air targets at distances up to 400 kilometers, military expert Roman Romanov called the main feature of the C-400 complex, about which almost no one suspected.

“The C-400 feature is not only that it is an air defense system. This is a guarantee of independence and stability of the state - that is what C-400 is. This is a complex that allows you to intercept all modern aviation, but apart from aviation, it will cover, for example, the missile systems of any adversary. ”, - the expert emphasized.

In fact, this means that the Russian C-400 “Triumph” complex makes any missile systems and enemy complexes extremely ineffective, since the missiles produced will be confused with colossal accuracy of about 90-95%.

“If the United States, suppose, as the chief world gendarme, wants to bomb the country that owns the C-400, they will have to strain very much, since their aircraft will be completely unprotected from the operation of this system”- said Romanov.

It should be clarified that despite the fact that the Russian C-400 air defense systems are located in Syria, at the moment these air defense systems have not received their combat use.

I do not know how much more they will crack about our c-400, but as far as I understand, they have never used it anywhere else. The same Israel-bombed Syria and none with -400 flew. It got a lie about the ideal rocket. Buffoons ...

I will tell you a secret, Pindos need not fly over the Russian Federation on the TR-3B, because they have satellite optical-electronic reconnaissance satellites.

Well, why did not get combat use? Very much. Tails "partners" pressed.

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These are the ones that curvature of the earth prevents?

Right, not from C125?

The main feature of the C-400 is that it does not exist in nature - the missiles have not been developed for it, it launches C-300 missiles, and accordingly practically does not differ from C-300 in TTX.

For some reason, in Syria, it does not really work.

Do not forget that in the USA air defense systems operate in other frequencies not like ours and their invisible ones are visible as daws are not wooden. They don’t see invisible women in their own, they shout to the whole world that invincible. But they are afraid to turn their heads where these systems are.

But they do not knock them down only because they will stink a lot afterwards. They will take down time like in Vietnam, then they also screamed that they had the most advanced aircraft in the world. And our MiGs and anti-aircraft complexes drenched them like ducks on a morning hunt

Pindos have never had their own technologies, they always n ..... and others. And other people's non-tested technologies have the opposite effect, so Pindos, by and large, have never won anything (meaning military battles) Everywhere alone starting in Vietnam and
ending with the Middle East. One Ponte and Flare.

And where are they?

Zvizdezh no invisible objects

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another PR. Shoot down at least some of the best US-made aircraft, then show off. US PRO has technologies on the TR-3B that make it completely invisible to any locators. they fly everywhere with impunity. And over the Russian Federation too. There are a lot of video evidence !!

And how many of these complexes are needed to intercept all aviation and missiles. In Syria, they are probably 10 units.

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