The tragedy in Sheremetyevo


The reason for the death of passengers on board the crashed in "Sheremetyevo" SSJ-100

The reason for the death of passengers on board the burned-out SSJ-100 airliner is disclosed.

The vast majority of dead Aeroflot passengers during a plane crash at the capital's Sheremetyevo Airport were poisoned by combustion products. Initially, it was assumed that the cause of everything could be aircraft strikes on the surface of the runway, however, it turned out that the fire and combustion products became a lethal factor.

“Most people died not from a blow, but from fire and poisoning from combustion products. According to preliminary data, hazardous substances were released when burning not only fuel, but also the interior trim made of plastic ”- said the head of the Main Department of Criminology of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

Specialists, in turn, drew attention to the fact that the body of the burned plane was not melted, however burnouts indicate that the temperature was still enormously high, and, given burnouts on the fuselage, probably due to air inflow, the fire was strongly formed .

It should be clarified that the most likely cause of the tragedy is a crew error.