Named the reason why Syrian C-300 could not shoot

The expert cited the reason why the C-300 airplanes supplied to Syria had not been used against Israeli aviation.

On July 1, 2019, Israel launched a series of large-scale missile strikes on Syrian territory, as a result of which at least 6 citizens of the SAR were killed, and about 50 more people were injured of various degrees of severity. Nevertheless, despite the presence of the S-300 systems in combat in Syria, they have not yet been used to confront Israel. As it turned out, there is a reason for this.

“Why haven't they been used yet? This is primarily a political moment. In addition, it is the Lebanese sky. The order to destroy the Israeli Air Force bombers from the Syrian military command is not received. It could be waited for a gross violation of the airspace of the SAR. This is not a question of the quality of the data of Russian air defense missiles, it is a question of politics and complex relationships in the region. If there are appropriate decisions, these aircraft of the IDF Air Force, of course, will be eliminated. These complexes made in the Russian Federation allow this to be done. And in this case, Tel Aviv will be forced to stop its aggressive actions ", - said the leading researcher of the Center for Arab and Islamic Studies of the Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS, Boris Dolgov.

How objective this version is, so far remains unknown, but analysts believe that the possibilities of using C-300 against Israel are very limited, since the strikes were delivered outside the affected area of ​​these complexes.

C-300 and without shooting work quite effectively.
Jews are forced to choose the range and terrain for striking so that the plane can quickly hide under the radio horizon. Forced to use air assault weapons in 150 km, which is not very cheap compared to free-fall bombs or less long-range missiles. Keeping at such a distance - they give time to find the means of air attack of Syria’s air defense and to prepare for repelling the strike. The effectiveness of strikes fell tenfold. A dozen of expensive missiles must be sent to one target for more or less confident destruction, instead of a pair or three before.

Jews respond to every projectile that has fallen to them. And others say do not dare to shoot at our planes. Interesting war!

"... these planes of the IDF Air Force will definitely be eliminated." Alas ... we have neither military nor politicians capable of making such decisions. Nobody will go further than "tomato sanctions".
and in general, did the C-300 ever hit some target in real combat conditions?



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