The possible cause of the crash of the Su-57 in the Khabarovsk Territory is named: it was controlled in unmanned mode

The Su-57 fighter crashed in the Khabarovsk Territory could be tested in unmanned mode.

The crash with the participation of the first Russian serial fighter Su-57 could occur during testing of unmanned mode. Information on this subject appeared after it became known that the fifth-generation Russian combat aircraft uses equipment and systems capable of realizing this unique function that turns the Russian fighter into a 5+ generation aircraft or even a 6th generation aircraft.

The official reasons for the crash, despite the fact that six months have passed since then, have not yet been announced, however, until recently, two main versions were considered - a technical malfunction, including a complex failure of all aircraft systems, and a pilot error. Nevertheless, experts believe that in reality, the serial Su-57 that existed in a single copy could be equipped with an unmanned control system, however, given the fact that similar systems had not been used on Russian aircraft before, it could have happened catastrophe.

Noteworthy is the fact that a similar version is considered by foreign experts.

“The unmanned control mode of the Su-57 was practiced during the tests. As for the unmanned control mode, the point is not that there is no pilot on the fighter - to control the aircraft, the pilot takes no action other than special emergency situations, " - сообщает "Sohu."

How objective such information is is still unknown, since there are no official comments on this subject.


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