First foreign buyers of Su-57 fighters named

Five countries included Su-57 in the list of potential buyers.

The publication “Military Watch” published a list of countries that are potential buyers of Russian fighter Su-57. The first in the list is China.

According to the publication, the People's Republic of China may be interested in the Su-57, even if its People’s Liberation Army has already received the fifth-generation Chinese fighter, Chengdu J-20.

The author of the publication is sure that Su-57 is a more technically advanced machine as compared to J-20. This applies to the thrust vector control system, the increased ultimate combat load, the system of controlled counteraction to infrared means and a number of other advantages.

The Russian fighter may be of interest to China's navy due to the fact that it can be equipped with hypersonic ballistic missiles, moreover, the J-20 is not sufficiently adapted to operations on aircraft carriers.

In February of this year, information appeared about India’s interest in new Russian aircraft. Now the country's military is required to determine which fifth-generation fighter aircraft will be more suited to the concept of combat aircraft.

Since 1960-ies, India has been the main importer of Soviet and Russian fighters. Currently, they are the basis of the country's air force. Given China’s fifth-generation fighter aircraft and Pakistan’s intentions to get them into service by the 2020 year, deciding to acquire the Su-57, India will gain an advantage.

“Military Watch” assesses Algeria as a “unique client” of Russia in the line of the Military Industrial Complex due to the presence of secrecy of purchases. Algeria, like India, purchased and exploited almost all Soviet and Russian fighters. According to the author of the publication, the existing difficulties in the country's economy will not allow Algeria to acquire the Su-57 before the 2030-s. But still, purchases can begin earlier. These fighters can be a powerful deterrent for the country against the West.

The Vietnamese press publications that appeared in 2017 year refer to the probable purchases of Su-57 from 2030 to 2035 years instead of Su-27 and Su-30, which are currently the core of the country's air force. This base is complemented by Su-22М3 and Su-22М4 aircraft. Vietnam’s economy is booming, making fifth-generation fighter jets quite plausible. The acquisition of the Su-57 can ensure parity in Vietnam in the context of the ongoing modernization of the Chinese fleet. This fighter can become a threat to military facilities and air bases of a potential enemy, as well as an effective hunter for surface objects.

The author of the publication calls the possibility of purchases by Turkey Su-57 less certain. This country is a regular customer of Western countries and a member of NATO. But the threats from the United States over the termination of the partnership in the F-35 fighter program and the threat of sanctions in response to purchases of the Russian C-400 may well change the preferences of the Turkish leadership.