Egypt Air Airline


Named the first Airbus A320 circumstances of the crash in the Mediterranean Sea

Dubbed by the first data from the flight recorders crashed into the Mediterranean Sea passenger Airbus A320.

According to the competent Egyptian sources, on board the passenger airliner of the “Egypt Air” airline, which was heading from Paris to Cairo, there was smoke, the nature of which has not yet been established. The incident took place at an altitude of 11 kilometers, although it was previously assumed that the real height from which the plane began to fall was 9600 meters.

It is noted that in view of the available data from the flight recorders on board the plane there were two sources of smoke - wc compartment avionics, in doing so, experts are skeptical version of that on board there was an explosion, what previously reported, however, until the end investigation, the official findings on this aspect is not currently done.


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