Five types of Russian weapons capable of destroying Ukrainian forces on the border with Crimea are named

Experts named five types of Russian weapons capable of destroying the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the borders of Crimea.

Against the background of the most serious escalation of the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border in Crimea, experts named five types of Russian weapons capable of smashing the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to smithereens in the event of an attack by Ukraine on the peninsula.

So, according to analysts, Russian T-90 tanks pose a serious threat to the Ukrainian army, the capabilities of which will be more than enough to deal with the Ukrainian armored forces, which are armed only with Soviet-era equipment. The Russian BMP-3, capable of working against the ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, are by no less effective.

Since the Ukrainian Air Force is relatively weak, the capabilities of the Russian S-400 air defense systems will be more than enough to completely cease their existence, moreover, thanks to these complexes, the Crimea will be reliably protected from attacks by tactical missiles.

As for artillery, Russia has effective means of destruction, such as the MSTA-S self-propelled guns, capable of quickly reducing the forces of the Armed Forces located near the border with Crimea.

Finally, Russia is armed with the most maneuverable fighters in the world - the Su-35S, capable of effectively hitting ground, air and sea targets, without even entering the zone of destruction of Ukrainian air defense systems.

According to experts, in the event of a conflict, the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine concentrated on the border with Crimea will last less than 2-3 hours.

The tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it! Lesson for "good" fellows.

It was 1995, and there was no Army, in fact, to compare the Armed Forces of 2014, so fight neither equipment nor trained fighters. And there is no need to compare that time, the hungry, tattered, weak Army with the boys against the mercenaries and men, like that ...

Has one regiment of the Airborne Forces already taken Grozny?
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No, we are not ready to lay down even one soldier. The technique will fight, what kind? It is up to the commander-in-chief to decide. The tactics of waging war in Syria confirm this, to date, not a single soldier has been killed there.

the main thing is that you are ready to lay down the most powerful army in Europe

I want to clarify that on the other side there are Nazis, who have been killing civilians for 7 years, and now they are Russian citizens.

In the developed armed forces, equipment dies, not people

Where do these numbers come from? Now no one will go into the attack with a bayonet ... Or do you still live from the times of Zhukov ... There will be plenty of dryers squadron ...

Is the Russian Federation ready to put several hundred thousand Kursk, Smolensk, Ryazan (further down the list) guys on this border? Or are Zhukov's principles still relevant?

What has already happened: a little blood on foreign territory. All the same, there are also Slavs on the other side, with all the ensuing consequences.