Start of a rocket


Named the date of the appearance of the newest rocket "Monolith"

The terms of the appearance of the prototype of the guided missile "Monolith"

RIA Novosti reports that Alexander Kochkin, deputy general director of the Tekhmash concern, which is a part of Rostec, explained about the Monolith guided missile. It follows from them that a prototype of this product, designed for airplanes and helicopters, will be created in 2021 - 2022.

Kochkin said that this rocket belongs to the weapons of the new generation, and its class is “high-precision weapons”. At the present time, the representative of the concern said, negotiations are underway with the customer regarding the rocket parameters. Concern is developing at its own expense.

For the first time about the latest rocket information appeared in October 2018 of the year. On the promising weapons told General Director "Tehmash" Vladimir Lepin. He stressed that the development of the 130 millimeter caliber rocket is “a continuation of the work on the Armored Worker, only in a different caliber.” Lepin also added that we are talking about a different efficiency and a different range.