Not quarantine, but forced isolation: emergency measures due to coronavirus introduced in 17 regions of Russia

In Russia, emergency measures have been introduced due to the spread of coronavirus.

The country's authorities decided to introduce emergency measures in 17 regions of Russia, announcing the introduction of self-isolation for millions of citizens of the Russian Federation. It is forbidden to enter a number of Russian cities, while residents of the regions are forbidden to leave their homes, with the exception of some certain points, for example, to receive emergency assistance, going for basic necessities, etc.

According to the data available to the resource, the regime of forced isolation of citizens is introduced in the following regions of the Russian Federation:

  • The Republic of Adygea
  • The Republic of Mari El
  • The Republic of Tatarstan
  • Republic of Yakutia (in Yakutsk, Zhatay, Mirny and Neryungri regions)
  • Arkhangelsk region
  • Astrakhan region
  • Vologda region
  • Irkutsk Region
  • Kaliningrad region
  • Leningrad Region
  • Lipetsk region
  • Moscow region
  • Murmansk region
  • Novgorod region
  • Ryazan region
  • Sverdlovsk region
  • Ulyanovsk region

It is not known who exactly will control the execution of the regime of universal isolation of citizens, however, according to analysts, the measures are unlikely to be followed, for example, the current situation in Moscow, where about 20% of the residents, according to Sergei Sobyanin, did not comply with special activities despite the imposed liability.

Komi Republic add to the list.