At least 20 Turkish tanks entered Syria

Turkey brought two dozen tanks into Syria.

This afternoon, the Turkish military sent at least two dozen of their tanks to the northern part of Syria. This is one of the largest convoys of Turkish heavy armored vehicles that entered northern Syria since the beginning of this year. It is reported that the tanks were spotted in the Tel Abyad area, but after that their location could no longer be tracked.

In the video presented, published by the Syrian edition of "Al Khabour", you can see part of the Turkish military convoy, which includes M60 tanks. At the same time, several sources in Syria report that at least 20 heavy combat vehicles were part of the Turkish military convoy. There is an assumption that in addition to the M60 tanks, several Turkish Leopard tanks could have been transferred to Syria.

Experts note that the appearance of tanks in northern Syria indicates the fact that Turkey is still preparing for a military operation. Given the need to deploy Turkish forces, it may well begin in the coming days.

Earlier it became known that the Russian side deployed its military at the bases and observation posts of the Syrian Democratic Forces, thereby completely stopping the offensive operation of the Turkish army and militants, as the latter realized how the attack on the designated positions of the Russian military could end.

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