At least 20 explosions thundered in Kherson, air defense systems went off

Ukraine attacks Kherson with missiles, some of which were intercepted.

Ukrainian military attacks continue throughout the day. It is known that launches of both AGM-88 HARM cruise missiles and M30 \ M31 missiles used by Himars MLRS were carried out.

At the moment, journalists have information that several strikes fell on the Antonovsky Bridge area, both on the structure itself and on the Dnieper River, through which the bridge runs. There is currently no information about the destruction, casualties and casualties, however, this is far from the only object in Kherson that was attacked by the Ukrainian military.

How many missiles were intercepted by Russian air defenses is not known, however, the ongoing attacks are alarming that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may try to move to much more serious attacks, since Kherson is located in the kill zone of at least six Himars multiple launch rocket systems located in Nikolayevskaya areas. This allows the Armed Forces of Ukraine to simultaneously inflict up to 36 strikes on the city and region.

This morning, as a result of an attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Kherson, ex-deputy of the Rada Alexei Zhuravko was killed, and Russian journalists who were at the time of the attack on the territory of the hotel were injured.


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