At least 5 warships of the Navy spotted west of Crimea - two of them moved towards Ukraine

At least 5 warships were spotted west of Crimea, two of which moved towards Ukraine.

A day ago, a group of two warships set out from the western coast of Crimea towards the Ukrainian coast. According to preliminary data, we are talking about Buyan-M class corvettes, which in total carry 16 Caliber cruise missiles on board. At the same time, just to the west of Crimea, a group of 5 warships was seen, including, among other things, a large landing ship, a Project 22160 patrol ship and a Project 1239 Sivuch hovercraft.

The fact that Russian corvettes of the Buyan-M class have advanced towards the coast of Ukraine is evidenced by satellite images, which clearly show the wake to the west. Due to the fact that the latter are armed with 8 Caliber cruise missiles each, experts believe that Russian missile ships can be involved in the NWO, however, there are no official statements on this matter.

As for three more warships, the latter, apparently, followed in the direction of the Crimea, which is indicated, among other things, by satellite images, however, where the ships moved from is not specified.