At least four NATO ships simultaneously approached the Crimea from the west

Four warships of NATO approached a distance of 150 kilometers to the Crimea.

The North Atlantic Alliance continues to increase tensions near Russian borders by sending at least four warships west of Crimea. At the moment, it is known that two escort ships and two anti-mine ships are sent to the port of Odessa. The purpose of the presence of the latter in this region remains unknown, however, experts believe that this is not connected with the replenishment of supplies, since the ships entered the Black Sea only a few days ago, but the presence of the Alliance fleet may be due to the planned exercises.

“NATO’s Mediterranean Flotilla will participate in large-scale exercises in the Black Sea. And after that, the ships will call at the port of Odessa. It is reported by ABC. There are four ships in the marine group: two escort ships (SNMG) and two anti-mine ships (SNMCMG) with increased readiness. The frigate "Alvaro de Basan" (F-101) leads the flotilla. It is noted that the ships will take part in several exercises organized by members and partners of the alliance. Ukrainian training maneuvers are called “Sea Shield” ”, - about it сообщает InfoResist Edition.

Among other things, it also became known earlier that Turkish warships also went westward to the Black Sea, and this is already a fairly large grouping of NATO forces near the Russian borders, which simply cannot but cause concern.