Explosions near the base of the Russian Navy in Syria

Israel launched new missile strikes on Syrian territory.

Today, Israeli military aircraft launched new strikes on Syria. As a result of the attack by Israeli fighters, some targets were destroyed south of Tartus, where the Russian Navy base is located. The blows turned out to be so powerful that huge 8-meter funnels formed on the site of the previously located object. Moreover, the strikes themselves, as in the latest cases of attacks, were carried out using the latest Rampage aeroballistic hypersonic missiles.

The images below show the aftermath of the Israeli raid. The blows fell on the outskirts of Tartus, not far from the town of Safit. Earlier, unofficial information appeared that Iranian units could be located here, carrying out the transfer of weapons to the territory of neighboring Lebanon, but so far there have been no official statements on this subject from the IDF.

In the photographs presented, it can be seen that some of the objects that were hit were destroyed to the ground. At the same time, at the site of some destroyed targets there are huge 8-meter funnels. This indicates a very serious power of the explosion. Judging by the amount of destruction, the IDF did not successfully intercept the missiles. Moreover, we are talking about the same missiles that were previously used to deliver 7 strikes at the Damascus International Airport.