"Insufficient level of electronics": in China, Russian Su-34 was criticized

China has linked a plane crash in the Tatar Strait with bad Russian electronics.

The Sina edition published information that the cause of the collision of two Su-34 fighter-bombers over the Tatar Strait could be bad Russian electronics. The Chinese experts explain their position primarily by the fact that the warning system of critical convergence did not work on any of the airplanes.

“If Su-34 collided in the air, does this mean that they do not have any warning systems about supercritical approach? Or were these systems disconnected at that time? Perhaps this indicates an insufficient level of electronics implemented by the Russians on the Su-34 and, accordingly, on other planes? ”- the Sina edition asks.

Remarkable is the fact that Russian experts initially also discussed this version, however, no official comments were submitted by the Russian Ministry of Defense on this subject.

Despite the publication of Chinese experts, the F-35 fighter, which, according to experts, was also weak on electronic stuffing, was subjected to criticism, since it could not give a signal during a crash in the Pacific Ocean.

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