Dissatisfied with Tokayev promise protests in Kazakhstan today

Those dissatisfied with the election of Tokayev want to stage new protests in Kazakhstan.

Protests in Kazakhstan are possible today, based on the data circulated in social networks, where citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan are encouraged to go to rallies against the current president of the country, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, who took office a day ago. Rallies and protests are illegal. At the same time, it is known that after yesterday's protests in Astana, the most radical citizens were detained. This may result in an increase in the number of protesters, which, quite likely, is what the curators of the protests are counting on.

According to official figures, about 300 people participated in yesterday's protests in Kazakhstan, however, anecdotal evidence suggests that the number of protesters was much larger. Any radical clashes were avoided, but skirmishes with the police were recorded.

It is known that during the opposition rally, access to the Internet was almost completely turned off in Kazakhstan. This is attributed to the intentions of the authorities to limit the coordination of protesters and exclude live broadcasting from the rally. However, according to official data, the reason for everything was the breakdown of digital equipment, which led to the termination of access to the Network.

It is reported that among the protesters in Kazakhstan were mostly young people. Moreover, the latter was brought to the protests for a certain amount of money. This indicates that we are really talking about a deliberately created provocation, probably with the aim of repeating the situation at the beginning of the year, when protests in Kazakhstan almost led to a seizure of power.


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