Unknown electronic warfare stunned the American RQ-4 Global Hawk over the Black Sea

An American strategic RQ-4 Global Hawk was stunned over the Black Sea.

While trying to conduct a reconnaissance mission in the western part of the Black Sea, the American strategic drone RQ-4 Global Hawk was subjected to the most powerful impact of an unknown electronic jamming system, apparently sea-based. The electronic suppression turned out to be so strong that the drone lost control and was forced to automatically abort its mission, returning to the Sigonella airbase (Italy).

On the presented images of the flight route of the American strategic drone RQ-4 Global Hawk, you can see that in the Black Sea region the drone suddenly lost its signal and automatically began to return to the base. Closer to Turkey, control over the drone was partially restored, however, after some time it was lost again, in connection with which the drone returned to a military air base in Italy.

It is noteworthy that earlier in the area where the American strategic drone RQ-4 Global Hawk intended to conduct its reconnaissance, a group of 7 warships was seen - one minesweeper, two corvettes and four landing ships.

It should be noted that there are no official statements in this regard.