Has an unknown party used powerful electronic warfare systems against Crimea?

Unknown electronic warfare weapons were used against Crimea.

A few days ago, during a visit of NATO ships to Odessa, an unknown party used powerful electronic warfare weapons against Crimea. It is known that the attack could be carried out against the spacecraft of the global positioning system, and, in all likelihood, it was planned in advance.

As follows from the information provided by Russian and foreign sources, during the passage of British and Dutch warships near the Crimean coast, monitoring resources drew attention to the use of "spoofing" - the real coordinates differed significantly from the ones presented - due to substitution. It was shown that NATO ships are located off the coast of Crimea and even pass the Kerch Strait.

At the moment, it remains unknown which side was using electronic warfare weapons, however, apparently, the impact was carried out exclusively against spacecraft and means that allow tracking ships.

It should be noted that the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy continue to actively follow the NATO ships that entered the Black Sea.

The key here is "monitoring resources paid attention ..."
I would like to clarify who these "monitoring resources" are? :)
Glonass is not used to monitor ships and airborne objects. (and in the conditions of the waters near the strait in the Sea of ​​Azov, you can observe it through binoculars))
GLONASS is the only system that provides access to the civilian global positioning signal in two frequency bands and is completely FREE!
It is presumably very difficult to block GLONASS with a NATO ship, since THREE inclined orbits with several satellites in each ... Although housewives can quite believe it ...)))

Are the electronic warfare systems of Russia able to divert from targets selected as targets, high-precision cruise missiles of the Tomahawk type, in the guidance system of which satellite navigation is used? And why not transmit a false navigation position to the ships. So the Anglo-Saxons "went" to Sevastopol and the Kerch Strait.
The Russian military tried to convey the simple truth for preventive purposes to NATO and allied Ukrainians. And, admittedly, they did it not without subtle humor.

It is known that the attack could be carried out against the spacecraft of the global positioning system. And what does the attack against the Crimea have to do with it? Do we have spacecraft flying in Crimea?

You would at least indicate the positioning system ... Maybe there, say, "Beeline" was used ... And so .., a fairy tale about a white bull ... With JPS for NATO there are generally no problems with transcoding, but they are not hide in their annotations ... hmm ... in general and in general ...