Unknown European countries handed over Su-25 attack aircraft to Ukraine

Up to 12 Su-25 attack aircraft were sent to Ukraine.

NATO countries for the first time provided Ukraine with their combat aircraft. This, as we found out, is about the Soviet Su-25 attack aircraft. However, what is very remarkable, in total, up to 12 combat aircraft of this type could be brought to Ukraine. Moreover, the fact that the transfer of combat aircraft was carried out on the ground is quite important in order to hide the places of the subsequent deployment of these attack aircraft.

According to information provided by the Foreign Policy news agency, unknown NATO countries handed over their Su-25 attack aircraft to Ukraine. The planes were dismantled for subsequent transportation to the territory of Ukraine and are already at the Ukrainian military facility. The exact number of Su-25 attack aircraft transferred to Ukraine is not disclosed, however, a number of sources report that part of the aircraft was transferred by Bulgaria, and another part was sent by Slovakia.

To date, this is the first time that NATO has transferred its combat aircraft to Ukraine. Moreover, there is a rather high risk that MiG-29 fighter jets may also be delivered to Ukraine in the future, since such negotiations between European countries and the United States have previously been held.