Unknown fighters tried to strike at the southern part of the DPR

The fighters were spotted kilometers from the line of contact in Donbass.

A group of unknown combat aircraft worked out striking the southern part of the DPR, hiding behind the means of electronic warfare of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Information on this score was confirmed by representatives of the OSCE special monitoring mission, noting that the latter were moving in the direction of the southern part of the DPR, but later turned around.

According to the report of the OSCE special monitoring mission, we are talking about one jet aircraft moving from the east, and later steeply headed north. It was not possible to establish the identity of the fighter, however, it is quite obvious that the combat aircraft belongs either to the Ukrainian Air Force or to its Ukrainian partners in NATO.

“November 25, being on the southern outskirts of N. Orlovskoe (government-controlled, 82 km south of Donetsk), the SMM also saw a jet approaching from the east and then flying north. ", - said in the OSCE report.

Nevertheless, the appearance of fighters in Donbass, especially against the background of attempts by the Armed Forces to take control of the settlement of Telmanovo and thereby cut off the southern part of the DPR, indicates that Kiev and the West are preparing for a very serious escalation.

It is known that the air defense systems of the self-proclaimed republics were unable to detect the aircraft in time, although the latter were in the zone of their identification and, probably, defeat. This indicates the fact that the flight was covered by the work of electronic warfare equipment.

The article leaves a joyful impression. Firstly, the swarm of aircraft was in the amount of 1 (one) piece. Secondly, this squadron (1 piece) flew from the east (and Ukraine, as you know, is west of Donbass). It's good that they didn't shoot down, maybe it was our falcon that flew in.

Diapers and sneakers ... the rest has already been brought in so much that it does not fit on the territory)))

The humanitarian aid will go soon already!

The militia is now in a very hard time. NATO members act openly, this is their advantage.

It seems to me that the LDNR is running out of basic necessities, it's time to urgently send HUMANITARIAN help, and with advisers on its use!