Monument of An-24


Unknowns set fire to the monument to An-24 aircraft near Yakutsk airport

In the area of ​​the Yakut airport the aircraft caught fire An-24.

The ignition of the monument's airplane took place on Sunday evening, however, fire crews who arrived immediately on the scene were able to rapidly localize the spread of the flame, so that the damage caused by the fire to the interior of the aircraft was not critical - according to the resource, the incident Damaged the central control panel, and the pilot's seat.

The causes of the ignition are not known at the moment, however, given the fact that there is no actual power system in the plane, there is a suggestion that the fire could be caused by the hooligan actions of the direct visitors of the An-24 airplane, which is currently being installed.

It is worth noting that the original on the ignition of information was received that a fire in the aircraft could start with the outer part, however, this information was later refuted.