Armed Forces Museum


Unknown persons stole 400 exhibits from the Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation worth 12 million rubles

Unknown persons robbed the Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

According to the Russian information resource "Baza", the deputy director of the branch turned to the police, who stated that after the inventory carried out by the museum staff, it turned out that unknown persons had stolen 400 various exhibits from the museum's funds, while the total amount of damage was about 12 million . rubles.

“Someone stole 400 exhibits from the new museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the one next to the Temple of the same name in Patriot Park. Out of 5 thousand. Among the stolen are German crosses, which the Nazis were preparing for the capture of Moscow. And also the award Weapons of the USSR, uniforms, caps and more. Recently, the administration conceived an inventory - and only 4600 of them were in place. No one knows where another four hundred exhibits have gone. in total, the damage from theft amounted to almost 12 million rubles. The police started checking ", - informs the information resource "Base".

The circumstances of the theft remain unknown, however, it is obvious that this was a rather serious blow to the reputation of the Russian defense department, although there have been no official comments from the Russian Ministry of Defense on this matter so far.

Experts note that it will be very difficult for criminals to sell the stolen exhibits, and the latter are likely to be sold to collectors.

What kind of administration is this if it is not aware of what is happening in the museum !!! We were in a hurry to report and report on the work done !!



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