Unknown aircraft dealt a powerful blow to the area of ​​the Khmeimim air base. Video

Unknown aircraft bombed the area near the Khmeimim air base.

A few hours ago, unknown combat aircraft launched a powerful missile attack on an area located near the Khmeimim airbase in the Syrian province of Latakia. The air strike turned out to be so powerful that it illuminated a territory of several kilometers, while none of the possible parties took responsibility.

On the presented video frames published on the social network “Twitter” you can see that we are talking about a powerful explosion, a few seconds before you can hear the rumble of the engines of combat aircraft. Apparently, the airstrike was inflicted by a volumetric bomb, because as a result of a powerful flash, an area with a radius of several kilometers was illuminated.

At the moment, it is known that the attack fell on the territory controlled by Turkish militants, which, obviously, indicates that either Russian combat aircraft or the Syrian air force could participate in the attack, and the fact that only only two days ago, over this area, an unknown plane was shooting lighting ammunition, which, most likely, indicates that the militants were already in the sight of military aircraft.

It should be clarified that at the moment there are no official comments on this score either from the Russian military representatives or from the official Damascus.


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