Unidentified planes attack Taliban in Panjshir

The aircraft of an unknown country bombed several hundred Taliban in Panjshir.

Around midnight, Taliban forces deployed in the captured Afghan province of Panjshir received a massive airstrike that allegedly killed several hundred militants. At the moment, there is information that the strikes were carried out by unknown combat aircraft, although the Taliban leadership has not yet made any official statements on this score.

At the moment, there is no official confirmation of the strike by unknown planes on the Taliban. Earlier it became known that Uzbekistan and Tajikistan were ready to support the forces of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, and in the morning there was information that one of the key rebel leaders had arrived in Tajikistan. This does not exclude the possibility that the resistance forces have developed real allies.

A few hours ago, the Indian Times Now reported that a Pakistani F-16 fighter was shot down by Afghan resistance forces. Later it turned out that this information does not correspond to reality, and the published photo was taken back in 2018.

"known". These are Pakistani cars.



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