Unknown aircraft bombed an Iranian military base near the city of Deir ez-Zor at night

An Iranian military base was hit tonight near the city of Deir ez-Zor.

The strikes were carried out by military aircraft. At the same time, it remains unknown who exactly owned the planes that dropped several planning bombs on an object used by the military of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, since the latter flew from the al-Tanf zone and could be both American and Israeli.

In the presented photographs and video frames, you can see the consequences of the strikes on the Iranian military facility. The latter is located near Deir Ezzor Airport. Judging by the video footage from the scene, the strikes were devastating, although there are no official statements on this subject from the IRGC yet.

Judging by the data of local residents, the work of the air defense systems of Syria and Iran during the attack was not recorded. This may indicate that by the time the targets were hit, the aircraft had already gone beyond the zone of destruction of air defense systems.

So far, there are no official comments regarding the night attack by Damascus.


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