Unidentified planes bombed Taliban forces in northern Afghanistan

Aircraft from an unknown country attacked the Taliban in northern Afghanistan.

The terrorists of the Taliban movement (banned on the territory of Russia - editor's note) suffered the largest losses in two days than in the last four months. As it became known, in addition to the fact that the forces of the Northern Alliance defeated large detachments of terrorists in the north of the country, liberating a large region from militants, it was reported that unknown aircraft attacked members of the Taliban movement in the neighboring region, thereby opening up the opportunity for the rebel forces to liberate another large region in the north of the country.

It is reported that Taliban terrorists came under fire from the air, while several rocket attacks were carried out on the area of ​​concentration of the Taliban. Initially, it was assumed that the forces of the Northern Alliance might be behind the strikes, however, the latter are not armed with combat aircraft, with the exception of 1-2 Mi-17 helicopters. At the same time, there was information that the strike could have been delivered by the A-29 Tucano \ Super Tucano attack aircraft, which could have gone to help the rebel army from the territory of neighboring states (Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc.), where these aircraft had previously been transferred.

Local media also confirmed reports that aircraft are beginning to arrive at the militia of Ahmad Massoud in Panjshir, which gives very ample opportunities for the rebuilding Afghan forces.

“Terrorists are now very vulnerable, as they are gathered in relatively small detachments of 100-150 people. One raid of light attack aircraft can freely destroy such units, and given the fact that over the past 96 hours the forces of the Northern Alliance have increased from 7 to 10 thousand people, the Taliban may face very big problems. ", - the expert marks.

Bad news. If aviation is based in neighboring states, then the Taliban have a reason to find allies in these countries and mobilize them to destroy this very aviation, i.e. raise an uprising. There is no need to explain what the development of such events is fraught with.

An interesting tactical trick turns out. Let them spread throughout Afghanistan. And then quickly kill individual groups. The escape routes only need to be cut.