Combat Helicopter


Unknowns were going to storm the Khmeimim airbase? Video

Russian helicopters began patrolling the Khmeimim airbase, fearing a possible attack.

The Arab news agency Al Masdar News published a video showing the moment of patrolling the Russian military air base Khmeimim by the Russian Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopter, which, according to experts, indicates that the Russian military possesses information about upcoming attack on a Russian military airfield.

Earlier, there were no patrols by Russian military helicopters of the Khmeimim airbase, however, it was with dusk that terrorists most often carried out their attacks on the Russian military airbase, and therefore, it was possible that the combat helicopter was used to control the situation at the airbase itself and beyond its perimeter.

“Khmeimim airbase is perfectly protected from missile attacks and drone attacks, but earlier the terrorists made no attempt to attack the airbase in the forehead, and therefore the appearance of a combat helicopter in the sky above the airfield may indicate the need for patrolling”, - the analyst notes.

And why can’t you hear that the unknown are going to attack the American base guarding oil production in Syria?