Rocket fall


Unknown persons fired a missile with thousands of submunitions across Russia

None of the countries claimed responsibility for the huge 7-meter missile launched into Russia.

A 7-meter anti-aircraft guided missile that fell on the territory of the Russian Federation, stuffed with several thousand submunitions, only miraculously did not lead to casualties. Despite what happened, neither side has yet claimed responsibility for what happened.

A few weeks ago, the news agency published footage of an S-300 anti-aircraft missile that exploded in Russia. To date, the S-300 air defense systems are both in service with Azerbaijan and in service with Armenia, while experts draw attention to an important fact - Azerbaijan did not defend this direction, and did not use the S-300 systems for the entire conflict, while anti-aircraft missiles were fired from the suburbs of Yerevan at unknown targets.

At the moment, it has not been possible to establish whether the rocket belongs to one or another side of the recently ended conflict, however, the circumstances of the rocket's fall on the territory of Russia remain unknown, since it could be either an accident, for example, in the event of a failure of the rocket's self-destruction mechanism, or a provocation.

The rocket has a number, i.e. the country is known.

SAM from the S-300 definitely could not fall regularly. Explicit failure of the self-liquidation system.

Comrade probably thinks that the entire border is closed by air defense means, yeah.

there were facts that the Armenians fired at civilian planes that flew near the territory of Azerbaijan in order to substitute the Azerbaijani air defense to knock out a civilian plane. Rather, they are Armenian missiles from the S-300. The exact scenario with the Malysian Boeing

Where is our air defense? Where are the assurances that nothing will fly to us?
A gap comrades ...