Drone hitting a tank


Unknown kamikaze drone flew right into a T-72 tank

The impact of a kamikaze drone on a T-72 tank was caught on video.

The kamikaze drone successfully hit the T-72 tank, however, could not destroy it. The corresponding video footage, taken both from the camera of the drone itself and from the drone-spotter, clearly demonstrates the strike.

On the presented video frames, you can see how a kamikaze drone of an unknown type is carrying out a strike on a T-72 tank, on the armor of which there are military personnel. The latter, apparently, noticed the approaching drone only a few tens of meters away, and therefore, they could probably get seriously injured, however, after the detonation of the drone, it was not possible to establish this for certain.

Judging by the fact that the tank's explosion was avoided, the drone probably couldn't penetrate its armor. In this regard, we are talking about either a homemade drone, or a light kamikaze drone, designed only to defeat manpower. However, on the video you can see that some of the people who were on the armor were able to leave it later.

It is not known exactly where such video frames were taken, however, unmanned aerial vehicles have been very widely used, although there are relatively few videos from the board of such drones on the Web.