An unknown drone destroyed a warehouse of American equipment, weapons and ammunition. Video

Unknown forces declared war on the Americans in Syria.

Tonight, an unknown unmanned aerial vehicle attacked a warehouse of American military equipment, weapons and ammunition, completely destroying it. It is reported that a small drone dropped a shell at a military warehouse located in the city of Hasaka, as a result of which the latter was completely destroyed, and the first seconds of the explosion were captured on the cell phones of local residents.

On the presented video frames you can see the first moments after an attack by an unknown drone and the detonation of shells. It is known that the warehouse belonged to the Syrian Democratic Forces and stored American military equipment using SDS, ammunition and various weapons. There is information about the victims, however, their exact number is not called.

At the moment, none of the parties involved in the involvement took responsibility, however, a little earlier, another warehouse with weapons and ammunition was destroyed, which probably indicates the fact that someone decided to declare an American military in Syria a real guerrilla warfare, at the same time, we can’t talk about pro-Iranian formations.

And quite by accident, someone decided to take pictures on the phone and then accidentally filmed everything.