An unknown Russian electronic warfare system brought down the systems of a British military aircraft near the borders of Crimea

An attempt by the UK to “spy” off the coast of Crimea led to an emergency cancellation of the mission.

Unknown Russian electronic warfare systems forced a British military aircraft to abort a provocative mission off the coast of Crimea. Despite the fact that the type of electronic jamming complex is not disclosed, journalists report that the situation for the British Air Force was extremely difficult: the plane covered several thousand kilometers, but as soon as it approached the western coast of Crimea, it suddenly turned around and was forced to interrupt its flight. This, according to the arguments presented, indicates that it was not the reconnaissance assets of the military aircraft that were attacked, but, more than likely, the systems of the aircraft itself.

As follows from the data presented, we are not talking about the incident that took place two weeks ago, when a British military aircraft took off towards the Russian borders with an unknown purpose. Judging by the date of publication, the incident took place between January 11 and 16. It is reported that as soon as the military aircraft entered international airspace located west of Crimea, it immediately turned around and was forced to take a reverse course, as was the case with the British aircraft on January 11, 2022.

“Last time, a British military aircraft constantly approached the Crimea and provoked the Russian army, but at a critical moment decided to suspend the mission. And this behavior is also considered that the British army is afraid of the Russian army and does not dare to easily create problems. But this time the British army decided to return and go to the Crimea again to provoke the Russian army! As in the previous case, the British army also had problems this time! Entering the airspace over the Black Sea, a British military aircraft approached the border with Russia. During the flight, the military aircraft maneuvered very strangely, turning right in the air, and then quickly entered the airspace of Ukraine! And in this abnormal behavior of the British aircraft, the intervention of the Russian army is suspected! British warplanes were forced to retreat in front of Russian EW facilities. The mission was aborted halfway through and the British warplane was forced to return, which is a shame!”, - reports the publication "Sohu", referring to the data of services that allow monitoring the airspace.

Experts note that Russia could not only use its electronic warfare systems in order to have a direct impact on the operation of aircraft systems, but also use electronic countermeasures to simulate the capture of an aircraft by air defense systems or an attack by Russian fighters. However, the fact that Russia is able to fully control its borders is NATO's best reminder of the consequences of any provocation.

"turning right in the air, and then"
Where else could the plane turn around?

The Chinese from Sohu are always kidding, and naive white monkeys happily take everything at face value.

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