Interception aircraft


Unknown aircraft broke into Russian airspace, but was intercepted and landed

Russian fighters intercepted an unknown aircraft that entered the airspace of Russia.

A few minutes ago it became known that the fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out the interception and escort of an unknown aircraft to a military airbase, which not only approached the borders of the airspace of the Russian Federation, but also penetrated several kilometers inland.

“In the airspace of Russia in the Novgorod region the day before an unidentified plane was spotted. He moved at a low altitude and did not respond to requests from the ground. Taking into account the characteristics of the flight, it is assumed that the aircraft landed on the territory of Russia from the neighboring Baltic state with violation of the state border. ”, the source "Interfax".

It is known that the aircraft went deep into the airspace of the Russian Federation at a distance of almost 10 kilometers, and when it approached fighters of the Russian Federation Air Force, he tried to lie back, but was put under the threat of using weapons.

At the moment, it turns out the identity of the pilot, as well as the causes of the illegal intrusion into the airspace of the Russian Federation are being established. There are no official comments on this matter from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, however, according to the assumptions made, the aircraft could play the role of a spy.

The Novgorod region does not border on the NATO countries, much less 10 km inland. Bullshit

8 thousand rubles for 15 minutes of flight;)

is it you who flew in a dream if 8tys km in 15 minutes then the speed in 32 thousand km per hour on this machine is a fairy tale :)

watched as about an hour could not land this plane.

it would be good that it seems that I don’t want it to be so

How it all reminds 40-41 year. I hope that it seems ....

Yes, in the plane there were two Tver shpiens (the Cetus RV-7 board itself flew in from the Tver region). Good machine, flying passenger under Peter (8 thousand for 15 min.), Performs any figure.