An unknown plane bombed a base in the Central African Republic, where members of the PMC "Wagner" could be located

A military aircraft bombed a military base, where members of the Wagner PMC could be located.

A few hours ago, an unknown aircraft entered the airspace of the Central African Republic and attacked the Bossangoa area, where, according to previously announced media According to, there are members of PMC "Wagner". The incident occurred at night, despite the fact that the airspace over the Central African Republic is additionally covered by air defense systems.

“The Government would like to inform the national and international community that on the night of November 27-28, 2022, namely November 28, 2022 at 2:50 am, an aircraft flew over the city of Bossangoa and dropped explosives in the city aimed at the base our Defense and Security Forces, our allies, and a cotton factory.

These explosives caused significant material damage. According to the information, this aircraft, having performed these actions, flew over the city of Bozum and headed north of the Central African Republic before crossing our borders.

To this end, the Government would like to inform the national and international public that this heinous act committed by the enemies of peace cannot go unpunished. Therefore, the Government takes note of the concern of the National Assembly and informs it that it has already ordered the opening of a judicial inquiry in order to collect all useful information and locate those responsible. But at the moment, all measures have already been taken in case of any unforeseen circumstances.”, - said in the official statement of the press service of the government of the Central African Republic.

Despite the fact that this area was previously actively used by members of the Wagner PMC, there are no official statements from the private military company in this regard yet.

According to preliminary data, the blow was delivered by a French combat aircraft.


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