An unknown projectile that looks like a mine was found near the CHPP-20 in Moscow

 In Moscow, at CHPP-20, an unknown object similar to a mine was found.

At the moment, information about mining is being checked by experts, however, the risks against the background of threats from Ukraine, as well as various kinds of radical and terrorist organizations, cannot be ignored. According to Izvestia, specialists are currently working at the site of the discovery of a suspicious object.

According to journalists, an object resembling a mine was found near the CHPP-20 checkpoint. The suspicious item was found by passers-by, approximately 40-50 meters from the main entrance to the CHPP-20 territory. So far, there is no certainty that it could be about ammunition, however, citizens who discovered a suspicious item immediately reported a potentially dangerous find, showing a civil position.

There are no official statements regarding the incident yet, but the risks of terrorist attacks remain very high, especially after a group of militants from the Russian Volunteer Corps attacked a settlement in the Bryansk region.



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