An unknown military aircraft made a dangerous maneuver towards Sevastopol

An unknown military aircraft staged a provocation near Sevastopol.

A few hours ago, an unknown military aircraft simulated an attack on Sevastopol, performing a dangerous maneuver at a relatively short distance from the Russian border. The aircraft was not identified by public monitoring resources, however, it operated in conjunction with the American Boeing RC-135W reconnaissance aircraft.

Judging by the data provided by the Flightradar 24 resource, at the time of the incident, an unknown military aircraft was moving at an altitude of about 5 thousand meters. In this case, we are not talking about a civilian aircraft, as originally thought.

According to user Manu Gomez, an American military anti-submarine patrol aircraft Boeing P-8A Poseidon (Hex Code AE67A5) could be an unknown military aircraft, but this data has not yet been confirmed.

Judging by the route of the unknown military aircraft, the borders of Russian airspace were not violated, but the fact that the aircraft staged a provocation, abruptly changing course in the direction of Sevastopol, is of serious concern.

Given the fact that the aircraft continued to fly near the Russian borders, the duty forces from the Russian Aerospace Forces did not rise to intercept them.

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