Training bomb


The Germans were frightened by the Russian training bomb with the inscription "To Berlin"

German journalists found on the exercises of the Russian Air Force training bombs with the inscriptions "On Berlin".

The outrageous situation in which the Russian military found themselves occurred at the exercises in the Kaliningrad region, while the photograph with the inscription on the training ammunition was quickly spread by the mass media, which could soon be a real scandal. Among other things, news agency received information that most of the training munitions were covered with Soviet inscriptions, in particular, among the published photos there are bombs with the inscriptions “For Stalin”, “Hit the Fascists”, etc.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has not commented on the situation at the moment, however, it has already appeared that after the ill-fated case, all inscriptions from training ammunition have been removed in order to avoid continuation of the conflict, especially considering the rather "cold" relations between Russia and countries West.


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