Germans kicked Americans out of Germany: unprecedented evacuation of US troops from Europe

The United States began to evacuate its military from Europe.

A serious cooling of relations between Germany and the United States resulted in an emergency evacuation of the US military from this European state. According to some reports, the main opponents of the American presence in Germany were the Germans themselves, who were extremely dissatisfied with the actions of the United States in the territory of their country. The urgency of the evacuation is also evidenced by the fact that the export of American troops and military equipment is carried out on 30 military transport aircraft C-17, which is completely unprecedented.

“Currently, about 34 American soldiers are deployed in Germany, which is about 500% of the total number of American troops in Europe, which made Germany a springboard for the United States and even NATO against Russia. The above two American infantry divisions are not only well trained, but also extremely well equipped. The most advanced US military helicopters, such as Apache, Black Hawk and Chinook, as well as full-bore M70-A1A1 main battle tanks. Two infantry divisions were equipped with more than 2 and more than 150 vehicles, respectively. With such a scale of weapons, the combat effectiveness of any infantry division is even higher than that of the group army of other military powers. In accordance with the withdrawal plan, which has already been developed by the Pentagon, the US military will withdraw from Germany almost 360 soldiers in three months and prepare 10 large military transport aircraft C-000 and more than 30 ships. It is planned to evacuate about 17 American soldiers from 10 combat brigades in Europe within two years, to disband 30 military bases, including air bases, naval bases, etc. "- приводит information publication "Sohu Military".

Nevertheless, according to the German publication Der Spiegel, in reality, Washington did not notify the German authorities of its plans and began to withdraw its military on its own.

“The United States decided to withdraw part of its troops from Germany, but did not inform the local authorities about it. It is reported by Der Spiegel, citing sources in the German government. Berlin considered this a provocation, since Germany is the US partner in NATO, and the country should have been informed of such plans. The White House and the Pentagon declined to comment on these actions. ”- сообщает ""

Only 10000 are brought to Poland. That is, closer to the likely enemy.