Burning plane


German fighters intercepting Russian aircraft collided in the air. Video.

The Eurofigther Typhoon fighters, who were trying to intercept Russian fighters, collided in the air.

A few hours from Germany came the news that during the execution of a training flight with elements of intercepting enemy planes and air combat, two fighters of the German Air Force fought in the sky over the northeast of the country.

According to a number of sources, the crews of the two German Air Force fighters tested the interception of planes of a potential enemy with elements of air combat, however, due to the error of one of the pilots, the planes collided, and received serious damage and fell apart.

Random witnesses managed to photograph on mobile phone cameras the first seconds after the collision of two fighters, where you can see that at least one combat aircraft is almost completely engulfed in flames. According to some information, there was a limited ammunition onboard each fighter, which could have been completely detonated, but this information has not yet received official confirmation.

According to German media reports, both pilots were able to eject, but one of them was seriously injured and the doctors could not save him, while the second pilot was seriously injured and is currently in critical condition in one of the local hospitals.

The Germans have forgotten that it is better not to rush to the Russians once again a reminder

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