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German airliner nearly collided with a drone

A Lufthansa passenger plane nearly collided with a drone.

The emergency situation arose at the time of the immediate landing of a passenger plane at the Warsaw airport, and as it became known to the resource, the pilot of the aircraft barely managed to miss the unmanned aerial vehicle. A serious incident forced the management of the German airline Lufthansa to reproach the leadership of the Warsaw airport and, in particular, the Polish authorities for insufficient security for passenger air transportation, since the distance of 100 meters, and it was at this distance that the plane could barely avoid a collision, is dangerous.

The exact number of passengers on board the passenger plane has not been specified, however, representatives of the German airline noted that they are very concerned about this problem, since unmanned aerial vehicles are no less a problem for aircraft than birds, which can, if they hit the engine, cause a plane crash.


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