The German frigate Hesse mistakenly attacked a US drone

The German frigate Hesse, operating as part of the Aspides mission in the Red Sea, was involved in an incident when it mistakenly attacked a drone belonging to one of the allied countries. The DPA agency reports this, citing the speaker of the German Ministry of Defense, Michael Stempfle. In an operation aimed at neutralizing threats from Yemen's Houthis, the Hesse first successfully hit two rebel drones. However, the ship was later mistaken for an enemy friendly drone, the identification of which at that time remained unclear.

“On Monday, our warship detected a drone in the area of ​​operation that was not initially identified as belonging to any allied country. Based on this, Hessen attempted to shoot down the drone, but ultimately failed.”, said Stempfle.

Remarkably, two missiles fired at the drone failed to reach their target and fell into the sea.


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