German special forces stormed a Turkish ship with weapons for Libya

German special forces hijacked a Turkish ship with weapons for Libya.

Another attempt by Ankara to illegally smuggle a shipment of weapons and ammunition to Libya for the forces of the Government of National Accord ended in the storming of a Turkish ship. According to the information provided, a German warship boarded a Turkish ship heading for Libya, after which German special forces landed on it, actually seizing a Turkish naval vessel.

Nevertheless, as soon as the Turkish ship was seized, Ankara immediately contacted representatives of the German defense department, stressing its disagreement with the verification of the cargo on board the ship, threatening to immediately escalate the situation (at least two ships of the Turkish Navy were not far from the area of ​​the seized ship - ed.), as a result of which the German military were forced to abandon the continuation of the special operation.

“Turkey once again didn’t allow checking the ship going to Libya. The incident took place on November 22. A search team from the German Navy frigate Hamburg, operating in the Mediterranean as part of the EU's arms embargo mission against Libya, boarded the Turkish freighter Rosaline A 200 kilometers northeast of Benghazi. According to the IRINI mission, the ship could have carried weapons for the Ankara-controlled Government of National Accord in Tripoli. At first everything went on as usual, but then Turkey, through the available communication channels, demanded that the Germans leave the ship, forbidding the check. "- “The Telegram” channel “Military observer” reports about this.

It should be noted that this is far from the first incident in the waters of the Mediterranean.