Unusual "Russian" MiG-29s over Libya were exposed thanks to photos

"Russian" MiG-29 fighters over Libya were exposed.

After the United States, Europe and Turkey accused Russia of having transferred their fourth generation MiG-29 fighters to Libya, various hostile statements began to appear against Russia, however, as it turned out, the Americans who began this story only created another fake - it was possible to expose the "Russian" MiG-29s in Libya thanks to one rather inconspicuous detail previously hidden by the Americans.

In the pictures published by the Libyan National Army, you can see all the same MiG-29 fighters, however, from this angle, we can confidently say that these combat aircraft are not at all Russian, Syrian or Egyptian - on their wings you can easily distinguish the emblem of the Libyan National army, and on the tail, albeit less clearly, the flag of the LNA.

The appearance earlier of MiG-29 fighters in the sky without identification marks, experts associate with the fact that they are investigators from the places of their repair - where exactly this was done - is unknown, however, now the US statements that the MiG-29 fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces are fighting in Libya are completely untrue