Unusual Su-57 noticed first over the United States, and then over Sweden

Unusual fighter Su-57 spotted over Sweden and the United States.

Despite Western statements that the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 is not at all, and that the aircraft is completely useless in battle even with previous-generation fighters, the Su-57 fighter unexpectedly noticed in the skies over the United States and Sweden, but, not quite ordinary.

As you can see in the presented photo posted on social networks, the Swedish SAAB Gripen-E fighter has the coloring of the Russian Su-57, although its design is fundamentally different from a fifth-generation domestic fighter. On which region of Sweden this photograph was taken is unknown.

Nevertheless, a similar trend is also observed from the United States, as evidenced by the photograph of the American F-15 fighter, which is also painted in the colors of the fifth-generation Russian combat aircraft.

According to experts, in this way in the United States and Europe they are preparing for battles against the Su-57, however, in reality, neither the Swedish SAAB Gripen-E nor the American F-15 have anything to do with the fifth-generation combat aircraft.

“Even if it is theoretically assumed that the Su-57 is equal in its capabilities to the Su-35, on the basis of which it was created, Gripen and F-15 are very, very far from it. The best that western fighter pilots can do is run to their base. ”, - the expert declares.

yes, it means that they paint their own under us

First of all, there can’t be OVER, but maybe NEAR borders!