Unexpected focus of Russian strategic bombers has infuriated the United States

Russia surprised the United States with an unexpected focus on strategic bombers.

Despite the fact that in the United States a few months ago, Russian strategic and long-range bombers were ridiculed, Washington was furious when they learned what measures Russia had taken. As it became known, the focus with the old Russian bombers turned out to be practically a tragedy for the United States - with minimal financial investments, unique systems and weapons were installed on these aircraft, protection from which Washington has no means.

“The American specialist is sure that the stuffing of the XXI century in the building of the XX century will keep the machines in working order for many years to come. Moreover, in 2015, the planned construction of fifty Tu-160M2 was announced. The design is based on the time-tested Soviet version, but a completely new avionics will appear inside, even the engine will be modernized. The first aircraft of the updated series will appear in the sky in 2023. Another veteran was modernized more than once - a bomber that operated during the Cold War - Tu-22M3. Today it has been brought to the level of the Tu-22M3M. In the course of the next modernization, hypersonic weapons were installed on the aircraft and the avionics were updated by eighty percent, thereby increasing the accuracy of navigation, as well as simplifying the maintenance and pre-flight preparation of the machine. Such tricks of Russian designers amazed the American "- сообщает Russian information publication PolitExpert.

In the near future, strategic bombers of the PAK DA project will also appear in service with Russia, however, thanks to the modernization of existing aircraft, the power of Russian strategic aviation will only increase, which is not at all pleasing to the United States, which literally infuriates Washington, since the same Tu-95 bombers do can still remain invisible to American radars until a critical approach to the US borders.

Russia has no allies. There are only enemies.

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