An unexpected raid of Russian Tu-160s lifted combat aviation of four European countries into the sky

The appearance in the skies over the Baltic Sea of ​​a pair of Russian Tu-160s and Su-35 fighters led to panic in the West.

After that, over the past week, the number of dangerous and provocative flights of Western countries near the Russian borders has tripled, the Russian side decided to give a decent symmetrical response to NATO, unexpectedly raising two strategic supersonic Tu-160 missile-carrying bombers (one the board turned out to be a reserve - ed.), the appearance of which was enough for the North Atlantic Alliance to panic, raising combat aircraft of several countries into the sky at once.

According to information available to the news agency, the appearance of Russian fighters and strategic bombers Tu-160 has led at least four countries to have to fly their fighter aircraft into the skies, allegedly to identify Russian aircraft. In reality, the fighters of the Air Forces of Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Finland were raised after Russia's actions were completely unexpected, especially since it was possible to find Russian strategic bombers for unknown reasons only after some time.

The video frames presented by RIA Novosti show the flight of Russian strategic bombers and NATO fighters approaching the latter. At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that it was the military aircraft of the Alliance that violated the rules for identifying aircraft, approaching the Russian "strategists" at a very close distance.

and what? Have you caught up?

And what have all the Tu-160s already shot down, no?