"Invincible" F-35 hit the rifle of the newest Russian missile

The newest Russian missile plunged the US into confusion.

The American edition of the Washington Free Beacon published a curious article in which the authors claim that the "invincible" American fighters of the fifth generation F-35 had serious problems, which are primarily manifested in the creation of the new Russian hypersonic air-to-air missile P-37M.

These hypersonic missiles are capable of hitting air targets at distances up to 300 kilometers, that is, even at a minimum hypersonic speed, they are able to reach the target in just a minute (at the maximum distance of their use, ed.). This fact allows to strike on the enemy before he can approach the attack distance, besides, the probability that the pilot will manage to take the plane out of the attack is almost zero.

Given that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation intends to equip these fighters with such fighters as Su-30SM, Su-35S and Su-57, designed to fight even with fifth-generation fighters, the result of an air battle with F-35 will in fact be predetermined.

It should be clarified that due to a number of shortcomings, the fifth-generation F-35 fighter is very vulnerable even in the battle with the Russian Su-35 fighter (the 4 ++ generation), which is confirmed even by US military analysts.

Q.E.D. Someone else has an objection?

Firstly, do not give the data you do not know, secondly, "invisibility" only in one wavelength range. All our ground-based radars are hybrid, with VHF and longwave stations, allowing you to track the aircraft long before it enters the missile launch zone. On the Su 57, this system is exactly the same, the long-wave antennas are located in the wings, I think they are also implemented on the Su 35, although I have no exact information here. In view of this and the presence of a long-range hypersonic missile, the f 35 has no chances.

The stealths are admirably well visible from space along the infrared track. It is for this reason that Russia does not seriously engage in stealth technology.

As soon as stealth includes its radar, it is no longer invisible

The defense industry is now more or less normal. But we need to figure out what Puchkov, who destroyed the Shoigu Emergency Situations Ministry, spent state money on. Here, perhaps, it smacks of not just corruption, but treason and a crime against the state and people. It is interesting to know whether this bastard will be judged by an open court, or secretly moved to another position along the power line, and then by secret decree they will be awarded the title of "Hero of Russia", like Serdyukov, who Medvedev has been defrauded from criminal liability for attempting to break up the country's armed forces, and will also be discarded from criminal liability? That is the question, here I would like to figure it out first. And it would be time for Putin to annul Medvedev's decree on awarding Serdyukov the title of Hero of Russia. And then the title is somehow discredited when the true heroes are on a par with this g ... com. It turns out somehow ugly.

then the outcome will determine the visual acuity of the pilot

you seem to have forgotten (do not know) about optics on Russian planes
and yes on the western it still flies as an experienced in the container
but in Russia is standing in front of the lantern for a long time
on 30 km sees everything

blah blah blah ... decide what they spend them first.

Don't you follow the events in Syria? Broke the whole West with their leader. And where is their weapon? What have they done if they are so smart and armed? Now think about it: if their military expenditures are 10 times more than ours, and the forces are equal, even we are significantly ahead of them in some ways, then how much more effective is our defense industry than their military potential, scattered all over the world? Although our GDP is lower, but in our defense industry, military technology is higher than that of the Americans, because in our defense industry there is an effective Soviet centralized system of management and financing. With this, I think it will be hard for you to argue. By the way, the restoration of the production of the Lun ekranoplan, the killer of aircraft carriers, is on the way, and it is possible that the Barguzin BZHRK will be produced in the near future to replace the Molodets BZHRK destroyed by Gorbaty. And much more. So don't panic, buddy. Yes, I almost forgot! Don't forget to pull up your pants!

You will not believe it - I'm amazed!

And you have more faith in Putin. He is the fuft - the best Russian invincible we are the most intelligent. And you think about how much money the Americans spend on GDP and how much we are. Have you seen all the American weapons? I'm also against the Yankees. But before reaching the river, do not take off your pants!

How clever you are !!!

The invisibility of F-22 and F-35 is a linden, their invisibility is bullshit, cans filled with a miserly spent money of American taxpayers. Congratulations to the spoilers.

As soon as the F-22/35 open the hatch of the weapons bay to launch the missile, all their invisibility will be canceled. What will fly to the target earlier - their missile (which is also not a fact that the "Pantsir" will not intercept) or a hypersonic air defense missile? So you can't beat tambourines here.

Music is your American - shit, and you yourself ...

You're really old, and you're using completely obsolete data. And with the development of the fathon radar systems, the American invisible will be visible at a distance of 600 kilometers

Well, you got it wrong. Not without reason - Old. Age dementia, not otherwise.
Quote: "radar detection systems allow Americans to detect a working radar at a distance of 460 km." So what? F35 will detect our working radar, and Su57 will detect its working radar. Moreover, our rocket is faster and longer-range. If both of them come closer together in the silence mode and without the "backlight", then the outcome will be decided by the pilot's visual acuity and his desire to survive)))

"Stele technology is designed to reduce radio signature in the centimeter range, which gives advantages against airborne radars and ground guidance radars. But in the meter range, which is used, including over-the-horizon detection stations, it glows like a Christmas tree.

The criterion of truth is practice! And if f-35 de facto are found out - you can shove all the funds of the Yank taxpayers spent for its creation in a certain place!

The very fact that hypersonic technologies have gone to the "masses" is an indisputable achievement of Russia, to which the West has yet to come close, so in 10-15 years.

In order to hit F35 (F22) it is necessary to SEE IT. Stealth technology allows these aircraft to be INVISIBLE AT THE DISTANCE OF 65-70 KM FROM THE STATIONARY RADAR. The radars on the planes are much lower in power, which means they will see Russian planes of Americans at a shorter distance. At the same time, detection systems of operating radars allow Americans to detect a working radar at a distance of 460 km. Interestingly, what will happen sooner: F35 (F22) will detect a Russian aircraft and launch a missile from it at a distance of 150-200 km, or will a Russian aircraft find F35 (F22) less than 65 km?

We are cheered up, the growth of your tariffs on GAS, and purchases of African and American coal by your fuckers, about ours and I'm not saying! so fart and bask-CROPS

These hypersonic missiles are capable of hitting air targets at distances up to 300 kilometers, that is, even at a minimum hypersonic speed, they are able to reach the target in just a minute (at the maximum distance of their use, ed.).

yavgei, you still exaggerated the sense of reality and breached like a gray gelding

You do not know what the radar of the Su-57 airplane is capable of yet, and something else is coming up. Even in the Soviet era, built an aircraft that flew at a speed of 11km per second, but the Americans were scared and in 90. This project was closed. Putin will not deceive. Washing machines are not beautiful, but they are of high quality.

Ukrainian prostitute rooster, don't you know how 2457 AB BPSDRLDiN means work?))) This is quite enough, by the way ISN + ARLGSN (domestic) is thousands of times more complicated than washing machines from Lipetsk Prospect. itself produces, in addition to the self-suicidal mortars "Hammer" which Petya Pidoroshenko produces at the Lenin forge?)))

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They do not care, just to fantasize, that Americans have something worse than ours. Even if you imagine them enemies, it is extremely stupid to underestimate the enemy. You do not need to be so naive, we do not get much better than they do.

And than the quilted jacks were going to find an unobtrusive plane for 300 km? This is only possible for ground-based stationary radars. But not a poor board airspace of Russian aircraft, and even more so of a missile launch vehicle. Dream further, as in a country that does not know how to make even normal strirals, do miracle-rockets.

Vata was happy

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Great news. Straight mood raises. And then yes, yes, all the best American, the invincible, we Americans are the smartest, the rest are all fools and so on and so forth.

Well, that's great. And in general, the United States needs to be forced to leave Western Europe, until they got their teeth boldly set their bases in Eastern European countries. Just put the condition that when approaching our border to 10 km, all aircraft will be lost. We do not have our troops at the borders of the United States, and therefore these Barmaleevs should not have borders.