Several hundred Taliban are killed by the remnants of the Afghan army near Kabul

The Taliban rushed to declare the end of the war and were hit hard by the remnants of the Afghan army.

Forces of the Northern Alliance, formed from volunteers and the remaining forces of the Afghan army, were able not only to resist the Taliban, but also destroyed several hundred terrorists in a couple of hours, taking control of the city of Panjshir, located north of the Afghan capital. It is known that at the moment the Northern Alliance consists of almost 7 thousand soldiers and volunteers, moreover, the latter were armed with several hundred units of light and heavy armored vehicles and artillery.

At the moment, a relatively small territory is under the control of the Northern Alliance forces. Experts do not exclude that a high degree of organization may, within a few days, lead to the fact that part of the Afghan army will be reunited and the strength of the Northern Alliance may well reach several tens of thousands of people.

"The Taliban (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - ed.) Clearly outnumber the rebel forces, however, if the United States and other NATO countries join in, it is really possible to drive terrorists out of Kabul and most of the Afghan provinces.", - the expert marks.

According to some reports, the forces of the Northern Alliance are armed with several dozen tanks, which can become a fairly effective means of fighting Taliban terrorists.

Yeah, SNT Panjshir, Stupino urban district, Moscow region, Russia. According to YandexMaps.

the main selling weapon is a training ground for testing it in combat conditions

Pandsher town?

The most important thing is that Russia does not interfere

They say there is now run by the son of Ahmad Shah Massoud.

I’ll be very surprised if, even before landing, they don’t slap Russia with the next sanctions ...

Is it possible that Afghan Tajiks have a new Panjshir lion ??? Or is this the "last breath" of their master Pu?

An application from Afghan Tajiks for seats in the transitional government, we eat popcorn and see what the Pashtuns will answer.

Maybe Lavrov and Co. rushed to "fraternize" with the Taliban.

no crap

The Taliban cannot lose this war. For this is Destiny. Destiny turns off logic and faxes. When you need it.



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