Despite the decline of coronavirus in the world, in Russia there is an increase in incidence

Coronavirus in the world began to decline, in Russia in growth.

According to objective data from the World Health Organization, the last few days in the world recorded almost 20% decline in coronavirus infection. If until recently more than 100 thousand new cases were recorded, then on the morning of today the number of new patients has decreased to 81 thousand people, however, in Russia the situation is becoming more acute.

A day earlier, Veronika Skvortsova said that a peak in incidence in Russia should be expected within the next two weeks, however, to date, no stabilization is recorded, although it is possible to restrain mortality among infected people - this indicator is one of the lowest in the world and is less than 1%.

Experts note that it will be possible to talk about when the coronavirus decline in Russia will be possible only after the daily growth of newly detected cases of infection stabilizes initially, however, taking into account recovery statistics, the real threat of COVID-19 in Russia will disappear only within a few months .

It should be clarified that the introduction of an emergency and quarantine regime in Russia has not yet been considered, although in a number of European countries it was precisely such measures that helped to contain the spread of infection.

Not in Russia, but in Moscow